Cricket the Gentleman’s Game – Indian Cricket Team

ICC world cup T20 2009 is yet to begin very shortly after us having celebrated a grandeur of IPL Season 2. Yes, we are talking about the very exciting version of cricket i.e. cricket Twenty20. For those who are still unaware of how Twenty20 cricket adds pace to the cricket excitement, here is how the twenty20 cricket is:

It is a fast paced flavor of the classic game, cricket, which is also known as the game of gentlemen. The classic form of cricket is test cricket with each match spent over 5 days with 90 overs every day. Another quicker form of cricket is One Day International (ODI), in which both the teams play for 50 overs each and the entire match takes almost an entire day. The latest version of cricket, Twenty20 Cricket, is a recently devised form of cricket in which:

  • Both the teams play for 20 overs each Ipl prediction
  • Each bowler has the maximum bowling limit of 4 overs
  • Emphasis is on getting as many runs as one can, since the number of balls to be faced per team is very less
  • Due to short duration of the match, chances of batsmen getting out are less (probabilistically) and that is the reason why each of the batsmen comes trying to hit the bowl across the boundaries


…and many more.

Essentially, the entire match becomes a festival of fours and sixes, since teams try to get runs rapidly. You might witness the hardcore test cricketers slogging towards long on completely against their very own betting techniques. All the while when the show goes on, the struggle between bat and bowl continues since bowlers keep trying to hit the block hole and bowl yorkers, fielders keep running around chasing the bowl. As an obvious result, chances of making mistakes for each player become very less. If you drop a catch or let the bowl cross boundary, you might simply lose the match because the batsman on strike is always aiming to hit the next ball over your head.

Huge scores, quick outfields, very good fielding, and of course, no individual big scores have become the identifiers for this version of cricket where now glamor has been holding a regime. Thanks to tournaments like IPL (Indian Premier League) and other domestic tournaments, where sponsors keep a lot of money on stake, simply because Twenty20 matches are much more likely to gather huge crowds.