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Libra is symbolized by the scales and it is the Seventh zodiac sign that comes in the astrological calendar. Its origin is from the constellation of Libra and it is considered to be a positive masculine sign. It comes under the seventh house and it is ruled by the planet Venus. It is the only sign is the astrological calendar that is represented by an inanimate object. The sign includes people born from September 24th to October 23rd. Librans are basically diplomatic, impersonal and gentle people.

Below stated are some important points that would tell you more about the Librans individuals.

Characteristic traits:Positive traits: They have a great sense of justice, they are practical, loving, gentle, romantic, sociable, peaceable, charming, easygoing and urbane individuals. They are who are highly compassionate towards their family and friends.

Negative Traits: Attention seekers, bossy, narcissist, easily influenced, Indecisive, self indulgent, Gullible and flirtatious. scorpio horoscope

Likes and Dislikes

Likes: They love beauty, intelligent conversations, Haute Couture, attention from the opposite sex, admiration and expensive gifts.
Dislikes: They greatly dislike criticism, ugliness, dirt, confusion, Sloppiness and late work.

Important facts

Ruling Planet: Venus
Ruling Element: Air
Birth Stone: Opal
Lucky Animal: Hare
Lucky Number: 8
Compatible sun sign: Aries
Lucky flower: Violet
Lucky color: Blue and Crimson
Birth stone: Sapphire

Love and relationships

Librans are known for their charming and romantic nature. They can easily charm the person they love. They are not very stable lovers but when they fall in love they quickly want to tie the knot and settle down. In a love relationship they are likely to have various arguments with their mates. They can also compromise for the one they love. They love their freedom that is why in a relationship they need love and understanding.

Libra LifestyleLibrans are highly self indulgent people that is why they need to cultivate modesty and natural charm. They have good healthy skin and their smile is very charming. Their movements are highly graceful that is why they love dancing. Their nervous system is sensitive and they need to take care of their back and kidneys.

Career advise

Librans are known for making quick and great decisions. They make very good diplomats, public relations officers, architects, lawyers, designers and architects.