Samsung S21 Ultra Mobile Phone Review


Samsung’s new flagship device, the Samsung S21 Ultra has all the features that you need in a mobile phone. With a powerful chipset and a vast range of features, this phone is perfect for taking pictures, surfing the web and watching videos. But it doesn’t stop there. With a stunning design, the S 21 gives you a full viewing experience of your favorite videos and photos on its huge LCD display.

Bringing the camera to a whole new level, Samsung S21 Ultra introduces a new camera technology called Dual Shot. Focusing on capturing multiple images in a single shot, this new technology is designed to take your pictures from different angles and give you a unique creative opportunity to put together the perfect image from many taken with different cameras. Featuring a high-speed, two infrared filters to reduce noise and a high resolution, Wide Color Compensation, you can choose which filter to use at any given time. This means you’ll never miss a perfect shot because of a stray lens or a cloudy day. samsung s21 ultra

The touch screen is also one of the best on any mobile phone. Not only is it large, but it responds quickly to your slightest movements. What’s more, with a Full Screen mode, you can watch media content such as movies, videos, TV shows and more right on your phone. No more juggling between a laptop and phone – the S 21 Ultra takes care of everything.

Another amazing technology is the Multi-frame recording feature. Recording up to five shots in one frame makes this feature ideal for spontaneous events such as live performances or group photos. This amazing feature lets you record one image per frame, so even if you switch the camera several times during the event, you’ll still have lots of footage to look through. This one time investment will pay off big time. For professional photographers, this is an essential feature.

And, yes, the S 21 Battery only lasts for one full working cycle on its own. However, you can extend the life of your battery by saving power when you don’t really need to use the phone. Every time you switch the S 21 Ultra on and off, the phone stores power in the battery. Each time it charges, the battery does not get older phones have slower processors which drain power quicker.

That said, the Samsung S 21 Ultra does come with a few downsides. The battery is not as long as the competition, so expect to have to recharge every night or two. If you are planning on recording long videos or clips, you may also need to invest in a USB cable. Also, it does not have as many features as the competition’s leading handsets. But, with all these pluses, this mobile phone has won our hearts, as well as our pocketbooks.