The Action Plan To Make A Movie

When producers create an action plan to make a movie they look at their budget and project needs like actors, crew, and film gear etc. Successful producers at the independent level are known to pay special attention to crew and film gear costs to get the most bang for their production buck. A producer with limited film financing wants to be able hire a production crew that’s lean enough to be affordable while remaining productive. A large crew isn’t always an efficient crew. To paraphrase what I’ve heard on renting equipment from a few producers is, it’s better to have rented film gear and not used it than to have not rented film gear and needed it. There’s some truth to that saying, but it can get expensive renting unnecessary equipment. Why burn through money you can spend to beef up another are of production?

Choosing a production crew and film gear is not an exact science. At a bare minimum a movie needs picture, lighting, sound, direction, actors, and locations. How a producer blends these elements together is one of the thrills of making movies. A producer should consider starting at the top of the production pyramid and work their way down when deciding on what elements will be needed to complete a movie. If you’re acting as producer you’re at the top of the production pyramid making decisions and running the show. solarmovie sites

Break out the list of jobs you’re personally going to be handling outside of the producer role. Make notes on key elements of the script that might require special attention or equipment. This can include scenes that require fake blood, wounds, or bruises to be applied on set to actors. There could be a scene that requires a camera to follow an actor running. Make a note that a Steadicam needs to be rented if you don’t already have one laying around.

Nobody knows your movie better than you inside and out. Put your knowledge to use in your action plan. What’s your story? Is it dialogue driven with a small cast set in a couple of locations? Is it a fast moving action story with a decent size cast? Knowing your story makes it easier to choose the right size crew and equipment needed to shoot.

Creating an action plan starts with money. Do you already have movie financing secured to start production? Or are you putting together a pitch package with a detailed budget to attract film investors? This is where creating an online buzz using SEO elite marketing for your project is important. Film investors want to put their money into a movie that has a strong online presence. The more visitor traffic to your movie site you can generate means more potential investors you can connect with for financing.

Once the money is in place have a script breakdown done of all elements that will cost money from number of shoot days to payroll. You might discover that a smaller crew with less film gear than you expected can do the job. That’s a budget savings you can use to add production value to your movie by hiring known actors or beefing up the post production special effects in the final cut of the movie. Once cast and crew contracts are signed you are ready to from action plan to, lights, camera, Action! This is indie filmmaker Sid Kali typing SMASH CUT: