What Kind of Information Can You Embed in a QR Code?

I am not usually one to get excited about new “trends” in any field, especially marketing. Nor am I an especially technology-driven guy. In recent months, however, I have been reading and learning more and more about how QR codes can be used to great effect as part of a marketing or promotional campaign.

So, what exactly is a QR code? A QR (quick response) code is essentially a barcode with spots instead of the traditional bars. When scanned with a smartphone, it causes the phone to load data. If the data’s a URL, that web page opens on the phone. The beauty of this platform is that it uses existing technology, is inexpensive to set up and ties in to the growing trend of finding novel ways to connect with users on their mobile devices.

As smart phones such as the iphone or Blackberry becoming increasingly common, the use of QR codes will emerge as an easy to implement tool to add value to various marketing activities. This is a great tool since a mobile phone is a device that travels everywhere with us, so there are tons of opportunities to engage potential customers.

The first and most obvious place to consider using a QR code is on your business card. If there is not enough room on the front, have it printed on the back. This QR code could link to a video, a sign-up form, or directly to your website. – Try thinking of ways to add an element of surprise to your business card. create QR Code

Here are just a few ideas about how these can be used:
– Capture names for a subscription list
– Link to your website, Facebook page or LinkedIn profile
– Sign up for a contest or special promotion

Link to a product catalogue or informational video
– View assembly instructions
– Link to a “welcome” video or other personal message
– Create a more engaging direct mail flyer or postcard
– Reduce the amount of printed material required for a trade show
– Add to a promotional item
-Print your code on items you can easily pass out. Bring them with you to industry events, conferences, or networking events.

When people scan and subscribe, give them the item as a thank-you. As they carry it around, everyone who sees it will have the opportunity to sign up.

Here are some items that will attract notice and aren’t too expensive to produce:
•temporary tattoos